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Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

For years, wood flooring has brought warmth and elegance into homes around the world. Prized for its natural beauty and durability, hardwood makes a lasting statement in your home while keeping cleanup a breeze.

At Stylish Interiors, we offer countless colors, textures, finishes and plank sizes, providing the perfect hardwood pairing for just about every space. With custom options ranging from random-width flooring to matching trim, we would love to treat your home with this timeless beauty.


Hardwood floors that are manufactured, installed, and finished with quality can last for generations. Able to withstand busy rooms and heavy foot traffic, quality hardwood is tough, hard-wearing, and has long-term durability.

Looks Great Anywhere

Hardwood is an excellent flooring option for common areas, living spaces, and walkways because it is resistant to surface damage and is relatively easy to maintain. Solid hardwood is a good choice for main living areas, kitchens, dens, and offices; while engineered hardwood is ideal for bathrooms as it is more water-resistant.

Easy to Maintain

If you sweep and mop your wood floors once a week, that is all it really takes to maintain that beautiful, wooden look. You can even vacuum hardwood floors; just choose a vacuum without a beater bar or one with a “hard floor” mode that doesn’t engage the bar.

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Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Hardwood flooring will last for decades when properly cared for. The good news is: properly caring for hardwood is a lot easier than you might think! Choosing the right products and taking a few protective precautions can really go a long way. Keep your wood floors as beautiful as ever with these simple tips.

Clean Regularly

Cleaning your hardwood floors should become a part of your daily maintenance routine. Consistent sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming will keep dirt and grime from becoming lodged in your floors. If you choose to vacuum, use the “bare floor” setting or disengage the beater bar on your vacuum. Try to use a brush or felt vacuum head, or better yet, use a wand attachment if you have one.

Deep Clean Occasionally

Just like sweeping takes care of the dust, mopping will make sure foreign particles don’t embed themselves in your floor. However, we do not recommend mopping with water. Instead, use a floor cleaner designated for hardwood and clean with a microfiber or terry cloth mop cover.

Prevent & Protect

First, don’t let spills sit. Quality hardwood floors have a non-porous surface finish; so as long as liquids are wiped up quickly, there should be no damage. Second, trim your pet’s nails. We love our fur-babies, but wait too long to cut their sharp nails and you have a scratched floor just waiting to happen. Lastly, apply protectors to all furniture legs. And please, never drag your furniture!

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